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          · NB系列椭圆形印花机 ·   行业内超具性价比的椭圆形印花机 The industry's most cost-effective oval printing machine

          全新的有限元机身设计,伺服 + 变频驱动印刷,高精度、高耐用、超低静音。 同行钢构运行高噪音问题得到彻底解决,一款最具竞争力及使用的新产品。

          Brand new structure based on finite element design, enhanced printing experience driven by servo motor + variable frequency, high precision, high durability with ultralow noise. The excess of noise generated by machines from other manufacturers are perfectly settled with this model. To sum up, this is a new industrial choice aimed at extreme competitiveness and user friendliness.

          设备特点 Equipment Features


          1.Precise registration with a ±0.01mm tolerance.
          2.Suitable for garment printing, supported applications include unique screen, slurry, flocking, pressing, water-based or solvent-based ink printing, UK ink, thick plate, pull print, etc.
          3.Driven by reliable servo motors, independent precision positioning system ensures long, stable operation at low noise and low power consumption.
          4.A printing experience driven by AC motor with variable frequency, customer can rest assured for efficiency and stability.
          5.An oval structure enables modular, customized systems, which is convenient for customer layouts with the addition of more work stations and printer heads at great ease.
          6.Fast installation and removal of screen frames & full compatibility with all frame sizes.
          7.On-spot screen cleaning work without needing to remove the screen. For cleaning, simply raise the printer head for direct rinsing.
          8.User interface includes a premium quality touch screen. Its professional and intuitive operation works intelligently in synchronized joint with printer heads.
          9.Support online operation & control from IOT devices, Intelligent and remote equipment management & operation, Online after-market service for diagnosis and maintenance, Simple clicks for order processing, message viewing & forwarding. A unified industrial solution based on big data technologies.

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